The following values are an integral part of our DNA. They are shared without compromise by our entire staff, including the members of our subsidiaries.


The notion of respect is
very important at A&R. This
includes the cultural aspect,
respect for the uniqueness
of each customer, business
partners and staff members,
as well as respect for the
environment. We strive to
honour our commitments
in order to build long-term
relationships based on trust.


We consider A&R like a big
family in which personal
initiative is encouraged,
always with respect to the
company vision. Our staff
is keen to learn and to
improve continuously. As
a real team, we are flexible
and responsive to new
challenges !


The customer is the
center in our thinking and
actions. We strive to listen
carefully and understand
his needs in order to supply
solutions which fully meet
his requirements. In our
philosophy, this is the only
recipe for creating and
maintaining long-term


We are committed to
Excellence at each level of
the company.
Our goal is to provide stateof-
the-art products to our



  • We consider honesty and integrity as fundamental values to generate confidence.
  • We cultivate out a spirit of quality at all level to drive to satisfaction, pride and the sense of well-being, to strive for excellence.
  • We set clear and ambitious objectives to be leader in our market niche, presenting sufficient growth and profit potential in relation to our distinctive competences.
  • We precisely define our role in the market, based on the customers' needs and the available technology.  We stay concentrated and focused, taking into account the worldwide market for our sales, services and marketing activities.
  • We cultivate the partnership with our customers, ensuring direct contacts at all levels.  We adapt a stategy to bring added value to the customers, based on his requirements.
  • We promote a spirit of innovation, anticipating the customers' needs and expectations.  We treat on the same level as our internal ressources and competences, as well as the external opportunities in order to obtain the optimal technical solution.
  • We improve with determination our competitive advantage for every activity for all our products and services in order to maintain our leadership position.  Systematically, we are looking for efficiency and cost optimization.
  • We maintain and develop our key competences inside the company and stay open to cooperation, while protecting our uniqueness.
  • We carefully select our staff based on its professional skills as well as its citizenship.  We communicate efficiently and open at every level.  We are motivated to convert our creativity and dynamic by taken care of the welfare and safety of our people.
  • We adapt a leadership style with clear guidelines for our basic strategy, while encouraging the participation of our staff to achieve that strategy.  We carefully select our leader, based on their energy and perseverance and the capacity to inspire others.  We ensure that people are treated with respect and that all appropriated rules and guide lines are followed.